project FACE 2022

The FACE symbolizes change, openness, diversity & unity — its transparent framing moves with the wind & invites explores down a path of awakening. Fabricated from Ernst Haeckel's biological illustrations, it signifies our oneness, using interactive lighting to guide, reveal & endow this knowledge.



Physical Description

The Face embodies a cubic iron frame, from which unidimensional layers of composite, duplex-printed elements are suspended using steel ropes. Aquatic creature illustrations, along with a nose, mouth, and eyes, constitute the elements forging the parallax illusion of a genderless portrait collage we call The Face.


The Face features a staircase pedestal at its center. As burners approach, an interplay of motion-sensing LED lights, ambient sounds, and Rumi-sourced, Call-focused poetry (vocals recorded in multiple languages) peaks once the wanderer mounts the sculpture, greeting the playa from within the third eye of The Face.


The Face, although a juxtaposition of draping flat elements, comes to life as an immersive desert stroll unraveling in 4D amongst 22 cushion seats that embrace the structure as it craves interaction to spark illumination. At dusk and dawn, for 18 minutes, to all visitors speaks The Face.



The Face is playful by design. Gusty winds sway the microscopic creatures and engage the mind, gracing visitors with illusory optical permutations as they approach. Our intention is to revisit notions of change, diversity, and unity in today's world.


At night, floating LED dots are visible from a distance, silently ushering in the lost and the curious. Walking the path triggers motion-sensing lights. Upon arrival at its literal center, the collage is only one and complete once the witness partakes in the art. Looking out the 3rd eye floods the structure with a kaleidoscopic glow of blue lighting.


At dusk and dawn, Rumi's calling ‘Come whoever you are’ draws in roaming souls up a surreal sound journey for ~15 minutes featuring original music by eclectic producers contributing to the participatory experience. Along with ambient music bustling with the sounds of nature and multilingual echoes of Rumi's call, the BRC citizenry fuse with the multisensorial composition to enliven The Face.



The Face beckons to all. All-seeing/-welcoming, it's a passive collocutor who guides without advice & inspires without pushing. The target is meditative dialogue. The process is intentional & incremental: one step at a time, one visitor after the other. Every step is a leap forward. The walk is alone, but love, light, & sound embellish the path to spiritual ascent.


The Face has a gesturing persona & a sonic energy field. It invites convergence within before diverging back with a heightened sensibility. It's masked like many of its visitors. The illustrations are ~200 year-old, open-sourced artwork by Ernst Haeckel, who named countless species & coined many terms, including ecology (biology branch dealing with relations of organisms to one another and surroundings).


The Face bridges many contrasts on many spectrums: East-West, spiritual-biological, aquatic-terrestrial, fauna-flora. This interdimensional synthesis belies the collective & cumulative identity omnipresent behind Our Face.


Radical Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

The Face personifies RIDE. It's inclusive by design, only complete upon radical inclusion of every wanderer - "whoever you are" - at its center to light the whole. It's diverse in essence, conflating disparate organisms & artwork to come to life. It's all-inviting, speaking the tongues of its makers & audience (vocals in 8 languages).


At core, Tithorea is a community of artists & participants exploring the new & unique: one-time escapades to first-time locations. Following Tithorea & Milen’s collaboration in Cappadocia, they decided to create The Face for BM22.


All faces are the same but different. Eyes and ears come together to form any face. Yet no two are alike (diversity). All features are equally integral (equity). The essence of our uniqueness - our first fingerprint - is The Face.