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About the artist

Milen Nae

Milen is an installation artist , creative director and co-founder of

NAE Design Studio in Istanbul. She’s been working in the creative industry for more than 12 years across Turkey, Spain, India, and the UK. Often working in collaboration she enjoys evoking balance and communication in her works. She works with a wide variety of concepts to include mythologies, gender, sexuality, social justice, nature, and evolution.


Milen's work is often described as Visions from Wonderland — as she stitches dreamlike images together with interactive experiences in everyday spaces. Milen is always exploring solid three-dimensional techniques, although she loves adventuring into alternative mediums and materials. One thing is consistent through all her work —  she produces mesmerizing analogical experience-based interactive artwork.

About Us


We are an experience-based team, set out to build meaningful interactions and genuine relationships through the exploration of music, culinary, art, and native culture.

It all began with the dream of gathering unique souls with outsider perspectives in land rich in natural and untapped beauty... and then seeing what would happen. By building immersive experiences in different countries, TITHOREA built a community with similar principles and values —  a traveling family. Our favorite part of building these events has been to watch people meet and influence each other to create new ventures or push each other's ideals towards a new beginning —  transform the old into the new. And to explore ourselves, our surroundings, and the future to come.


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4-day experience of music, art, gastronomy, and wellness nestled in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica.


Our Story

We built our fifth Tithorea experience in Cappadocia in August 2020.  Every event we create is built by localizing the work and production as much as possible. We work with local artists, architects, and the local government to adhere to the rules and guarantee our global community respects the land. During our search for a Turkish Production team, we were introduced to Milen and NAE design studio in May 2020. Immediately, our visions and minds clicked like never before.


NAE designed all four stages with the principle of keeping the beauty of the already mesmerizing venues and incorporating them into the terrain. All art pieces had the same texture of the rocks so that the earth-looking structures merged. The team even found the spaces that created echos in the Cappadocia rocks and created two ritualistic points (like a gate open feeling) that enhanced the design and decor. The attention to detail, care, family love, and energy to create the impossible is the reason we want to give back together to Burning Man in the up and coming year. 

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